The Rules to the Social Media Game

Sports, school, jobs, traffic…what do they all have in common? The answer is rules. In anything that you do, there are rules to be followed. Social media marketing is no different. There are actually 10 rules to follow when regarding social media marketing. However,  out of those 10 rules only three are the most important:

1) LISTEN – Social media is a place where your audience openly discusses their needs, wants and issues. They voice when they’re upset about something. They voice when their happy about something. They voice when they’re sad about something. When marketing on social media, it is important to understand what your audience desires so that you can maintain your audience’s positive attention or gain new audiences.

2) Develop Relationships – If you post relevant, useful content that is tailored to a specific target audience, they will interact with your post by sharing, retweeting or reposting your content. They may even respond to your post directly. It is important for you to interact with those audiences. Make them feel welcome. The more you are able to do so, the better chance you have of getting your content seen by others.

3) Networking – Social media is also a place where you can network. Connect with “online influencers”. They have the ability to share your content with a mass audience. Just like you send a news release to a major news outlet to inform, you can share content with online influencers who have the same power.

–Ashli Harris


Welcome to AmeriKKKa, where Black Lives DON’T matter….


Every day, I have the same routine before I jump out of bed to start my day. I wake up, pray, then grab my phone to check social media. As I am scrolling down my Twitter timeline, I stumble across the name Walter Scott. Within one minute of scrolling, I continue to see the same hashtags numerous times: #BlackLivesMatter #RIPWalterScott #WalterScott #NoJusticeNoPeace. Of course, the love for my culture and my curiosity ran high as I feared that it would be yet another case of social injustice and police brutality. I hoped it would not read about another Eric Garner, Oscar Grant or Michael Brown case, in which a police officer murders an unarmed black man. Then I stumbled across a video with heartbreaking footage of an unarmed black man being shot to death by a white police officer eight times. As I shed tears of sadness and anger, that unarmed man ended up being Walter Scott.

While I was doing my research, I reviewed the original article discussing the incident. Just like in the case of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and Eric Garner, the officer Micheal Slager states that he feared for his life. He states that the victim Walter Scott, attempted to reach for Slager’s taser. Then the video was released days later which showed an entirely different story. Not only was Walter Scott unarmed, it was Walter Scott who feared for his life as he attempting to run from Slager, who continuously attempts to violently tase him. Being several feet away, the video reveals Slager shooting Scott eight times from behind. Slager then proceeds to handcuff the lifeless Walter Scott and drop an unidentified object next to Scott. My tears continue to flow in disbelief of what I was watching.

Fortunately, justice will be served for Walter Scott thanks to the anonymous bystander that recorded the heartbreaking event. It is quite clear that several white police officers across the nation have a disgusting desire to kill black men. Trayvon Martin. Oscar Grant. Eric Garner. Michael Brown. Tamar Rice. And now, Walter Scott to be included with several others. With this being a digital era, my question is why are police officers not forced to wear cameras on their uniforms? It is sickening that in America, blacks fear the individuals that are suppose to serve and protect civilians will stop them for something as simple as a broken tail light and be killed. Technology has become nearly crucial to human survival and with the recent events that have surpassed, with police officers feeling the need to kill innocent, unarmed blacks, video cameras that show constant police brutality, racial profiling and racism should be apart of their uniforms. My heart weeps for my people as we all ask the same question, will we ever be treated equal and if not, which one of us will be next? #BLACKLIVESMATTER #WALTERSCOTT #RIPWALTERSCOTT #NOJUSTICENOPEACE

Ashli Harris