Do you want Burger King to marry you?


Burger King is paying for a wedding!!! It all started when this couples story went viral 

This couple got nicked named the Burger King couple. Joel Burger is marrying Ashley king and I’m guessing you can get how it started. This couple had this nickname before they were even dating. They were childhood best friends and really hit it off in college. They wanted to let Burger King know that the Burger King couple was getting married. Ashely decided she wanted to contact Burger King and tell them about their engagement. She tried dozens of times but it finally worked after this article was posted. The couple was contacted by Burger King and they offered to pick up the tab. Burger King is paying for their wedding!! I personally think this is so cool and I wish I had a cool last name.


I honestly had no idea what to write about and article stuck out to me. I thought this was very unique and I wanted to share their story. I mean who has Burger King pay for their wedding??

-Bobbi Jo


ahhhh don’t be scared


You never know when something is going to happen with your company or how one post can spiral out of control. You should always have a plan for when a crisis occurs. PLAN FOR A CRISIS

Here are some steps Jay Baer thinks will help during a social media crisis.

1. Acknowledge

You should make some kind of post informing your followers on what happened. Do not act like it never happened!!!!

2. Fight the fire with water

Start on the website the crisis happened on and work your way to the others.

3. Be sorry

You have to apologize!! Post a meaningful apologetic post and hope the world forgives you.

4. Create a crisis FAQ

” This Crisis FAQ should include:

  • Acknowledgement of the crisis
  • Details about the occurrence
  • Photos or videos, if available
  • How the company found out
  • Who was alerted, when, and how
  • Specific actions taken in response
  • Real or potential effects
  • Steps taken to prevent future occurrence
  • Contact information for real people at the company “

5. Let them vent

Make a place for the public to vent about what happened. My best suggestion is to use your Facebook page, create a blog or forum.

6. Take it offline

Do not start fights online and let everyone cool off.

7. Tell your staff

Tell your staff what is happening and never leave them in the dark.

8. Make a record of what happened

Print out all your posts and save everything. It is important to document this because it will help in the future.

A social media crisis can happen at any time so be prepared!!


-Bobbi Jo

Can I track my posts?


Social media tracking is finding and following content on the web. Trying to find a keyword all over the web is really difficult. I found an article by Ruxandra Mindruta and she listed free social media monitoring tools. These websites do all of the tracking for you.



Hootsuite sends you weekly analytics reports and is helpful if more than one person runs the account. It is great for tracking lots of different social media accounts.



This is good to see how far your tweet traveled. You can see the output your tweet had and who it really reached.

Social Mention


This site manages over 100 social media sites. Mindruta says, “It is probably one of the best free listening tools on the market, as it analyses data in more depth and measures influence with 4 categories: Strength, Sentiment, Passion and Reach.”



This site is great for measuring your social media presence and looking at your competitors.

There is lots of different sites out there but they all do generally the same thing. It is important to find which site will work for you and you can always use more than one. It is important to track what is happening on the web. You want to find out if your posts made a difference or check in on what your competitor is doing. These websites are really helpful to checkup on your social media accounts. DO NOT FORGET TO TRACK YOUR POSTS!


-Bobbi Jo

I have so many questions!!

I was wondering what the best Question and Answers sites were. I found this article by Herbert Lui sharing his opinon on the top ten Q and A sites. I’m just going to talk about the ones I liked.

1. Quora


This website allows you to post questions, answer them, follow topics and follow people. The best part I liked about this site was that you could search for questions and see similar ones answered.

2. Yahoo! Answers


This is the only one on the list I’ve heard of. I’ve been using this website for years. Anytime I do a Google search this site pops up. This website definitely has all the answers and its similar to Quora. This site is really good for asking questions, getting answers and for finding really funny responses. This is the best Q and A site in my opinion.


This website is similar to the two I stated above. This one often comes up on my google searches and has helped me find lots of answers.

I looked at the other sites he listed in his article and I didn’t like any of them. If I have a question these are the three sites I will go to. They are all generally the same thing and could answer my questions. Q and A sites are very helpful with random questions or homework help. I hope these websites stick around for a long time.

-Bobbi Jo

Microblogging? How do I do that?


Joel Comm describes 6 different categories of microblog posts.

1.) Classic tweet– explaining what you are doing.

“I’m going to the store.” “I’m watching tv with my cat.”

2.) Opinion tweet– saying what is on your mind.

“I think this weather is dumb.” “I think it should be summer.”

3.) Mission Accomplished tweet– saying what you just did.

“I just shoveled my driveway.” “I just wrote a blog post.”

4.) Entertainment tweet– tweets you think are funny.



5.) Question tweet– Asking someone for help.

“Can anyone dig out my car?” “Can anyone watch my dog?”

6.) Picture tweet– pictures of you or what you are doing.


It is good to mix all these types of tweets for a successful twitter. It is good to switch them up and keep your followers interested. I like to follow twitters that are funny but they never post the same things.

-Bobbi Jo

what’s so cool about Snapchat and Instagram?


Why are Snapchat and Instagram so huge? I have both and so do most of my friends. How did everyone hear about them? It is very common to only post pictures on one of these platforms over Facebook.

A lot of celebrities are on Instagram and now they are getting public Snapchats. You can add celebs on Snapchat and view their public stories. This is becoming a really big thing. Instagram is a great way for celebrities to share pictures and videos with their fans. but why is snapchat taking over? Do they like that their stories go away after 24 hours? I found this article on Forbes talking about people getting famous from Snapchat.

Ellen Huet says, “Snapchat’s much more than a disappearing photo messaging app. It became a mobile video platform.” It is a way for celebrities to mix pictures and videos. They can basically share their entire day.


People famous on Youtube and Vine are taking over Snapchat. They are getting a huge amount of followers on Snapchat. Snapchat stories might one day replace a daily vlog. Stars are advertising in their stories. They are getting paid to promote a product. Advertisers know this will reach all of their fans. People are getting paid lots of money to promote on Snapchat and Instagram. This is the future of advertising.

Bobbi Jo

Sell the most e-books

(Publishers Weekly)

An e-book is a digital book. You can read e-books on a computer or a handheld device. E-books are popular because you can get the book instantly and it is easier for travel. I like them because I can have multiple books at the same time. The hardest part is trying to market them. This website talks about five ways to sell e-books.


Just give it out for free: If you are a new author giving it away for a limited time is a great idea. Who doesn’t want a free book? This will allow you to test your book and have it spread word of mouth.


Price is important: Most e-books go for $0.99. This low price is a great way to get people to read your book. Darcie Chan said,”Readers are more willing to take a chance on a completely unknown author at that price point.”

Work with a blogger: You can promote your books on blogs. Getting mentioned on an e-book blog will help get you lots of downloads. E-book blogs have loyal followers and they will trust the blogger. It is worth paying the blog to promote your book.

Get paid reviews: Having reviews for your book will help sell it. Nobody wants to buy a book that has no reviews. There is websites that will review your book for a price. It is worth the money to have a review.

Get sponsored: Find a sponsor that connects to your target audience. Try to find a sponsor that will pay you upfront. Having that money early will help you with bills and give your sponsor advertising space. You can also work promotional events for your sponsor.

tumblr_mkf3go64LZ1ql0yg1o4_250I will always prefer real books but e-books are nice for travel.

Bobbi Jo