It’s been said many times, but it’s true, social media platforms come and go. Predicting the next successful social media platform is essentially a crapshoot. My previous post discussed a few up and comers. However, at least one of the platforms discussed has since gone defunct. So, where does that leave us? The up and comers seem to have been struck down; or have they? One social media platform refuses to quit, even after facing much criticism regarding it’s layout and policy according to an article from Observer.com . Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to Ello.

Image courtesy of Valleywag

Ello is similar to Facebook, with only two real differences. The first being that Ello is apparently a much more “cleaned up” version of Facebook. Meaning that it has an extremely simplistic design. The second major aspect separating it from the Juggernaut that is Facebook is the fact that Ello has no ads. That’s right, zero, zip, nadda, none, no ads whatsoever… In theory of course. The creators refuse to let companies promote their businesses through the use of advertising. However, I’m sure people will find ways around this idea.

Ello is currently in it’s beta phase, and is reported to be ready to go public soon. Will Ello finally be the young whipper snapper that uproots Facebook? Or will Ello go the way of so many social media platforms who had much promise, and merely fade into obscurity? I love the idea of keeping it ad free, and it is definitely a noble idea, I just don’t know if that model will lead to success or failure. Only time will tell.

– Chase


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