Social Media Platforms To Watch Out For

It’s safe to say that sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have a pretty good grip on the social media landscape. However, there’s always the chance that another platform could come along and add it’s name to that list. Remember Myspace? Of course you do. At one time it was the most popular social media website. My how the mighty have fallen. An article from California State University Northridge’s campus newspaper discusses four upcoming social media sites that could make a big splash.


Sulia allows users to post and comment on topics that they are interested in. Imagine if someone mixed Reddit and Pinterest, that would be Sulia.


Learnist is also similar to Pinterest, except it’s geared more towards people who are interested in learning something new. Users can post a need for something, such as a recipe or the answer to the questions, and another user can help the original poster. This could become very popular among college students.


Medium is a site meant for writers. It allows people to post stories and for other to comment on them. That’s about it. It could be great for up and coming writers, but I don’t see it having much success outside of that.


Thumb lets you ask questions and give feedback on the little things that can cause a quandary in every day life.


Thumb is simple but interesting. The idea here is that if you’re indecisive about something, such as what movie you should see, then you can post your dilemma to the site and people can chime in with their opinion. Users can give you’re question a thumbs up or a thumbs down to help you decide.

After I read this article I did some research on the platforms and found out that Sulia had since shut down. Another victim to the crowded world of social networks.



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