Restaurant Social Media Marketing

It is finally Friday night! TGIF, right? You and your bros, or gal pals, are in dire need of a wild night on the town. There are two new happenin’ places downtown and your friends are torn. Margret said she heard from coworkers that one place has a great ladies night special. Carl is boasting about the dance floor scene at the alternative location.  What do you choose? Your instincts tell you to check social media for reviews and possible promotional content.

For restaurant owners or managers, social media should be nearing the top of the list as a strategic communications tool. But, there are so many voices on social media. How can restaurants utilize social media platforms to directly increase in customers?

First thing is first – know your customer. As with any strategic communication tool, the marketer needs to know what the target group of individuals desires. If the restaurant is a dive bar and grill with great drink specials, speak to consumers on social media searching for a Friday night hang out.

Use multiple platforms. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are three popular social media sites. Important and necessary, yes. But, these sites are not the only places target audiences are located. According to the National Restaurant Association, nearly 79 percent of diners are using Yelp to read reviews and suggestions about restaurants. 4 out of 5 diners are using TripAdvisor to decide where to eat. As mentioned before, know the consumer and their needs.

Be visual. By using photos and hashtags,  a social media platform can improve greatly. According to Wishpond, posts with visual aspects increase views by 94 percent. Consumers are 60 percent more likely to view a business’ page if the post includes a photo.  Additionally, using hashtags can increase brand recognition as well as search engine optimization.

Social media is a vital tool for communication. Both listening to and engaging with consumers improves relationships with consumers. Individuals across the nation and around the world develop a bond with a restaurant, the food and even the staff. By strategically communicating with past, current and potential cliental, a restaurant is catering to their needs (ba-dum-pss).

Brooke Todd


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