Get Linked

As college students, I feel that it can be extremely easy to overlook the importance of LinkedIn. We’re in this awkward not-quite-professional stage where it’s somewhat acceptable for us to still act like silly college students and get away with it. But the second this campus kicks us out, it’s time to get serious. Having a professional platform through which to showcase your strengths is a great thing to lean on when you’re trying to find your way in a world of seasoned professionals.

Aja Frost provides four suggestions to best utilize your LinkedIn presence and increase your views up to 425%.

Get in with the popular crowd.

Okay, not really. But it is important to get involved with the right group of people on LinkedIn. Join groups that are relevant to your interest or career aspirations. Connect with professionals in the industry you seek to join.

Learn the culture.

Don’t make the mistake of joining a group and then not participating or participating in a way that doesn’t fit the style of the group. Learn how the members communicate with one another and take note of the types of questions they ask.

Join a discussion.

After growing accustomed to the style of the group, start making your presence known. Add valuable, relevant comments to discussions and engage with members of the group. This is a sure way to gain lots of exposure for your profile.

Start your own discussion.

Feeling super confident now? Good – go start your own discussion. Invite people to share their knowledge and engage with you. More profile views are on their way!


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