Do you want Burger King to marry you?


Burger King is paying for a wedding!!! It all started when this couples story went viral 

This couple got nicked named the Burger King couple. Joel Burger is marrying Ashley king and I’m guessing you can get how it started. This couple had this nickname before they were even dating. They were childhood best friends and really hit it off in college. They wanted to let Burger King know that the Burger King couple was getting married. Ashely decided she wanted to contact Burger King and tell them about their engagement. She tried dozens of times but it finally worked after this article was posted. The couple was contacted by Burger King and they offered to pick up the tab. Burger King is paying for their wedding!! I personally think this is so cool and I wish I had a cool last name.


I honestly had no idea what to write about and article stuck out to me. I thought this was very unique and I wanted to share their story. I mean who has Burger King pay for their wedding??

-Bobbi Jo


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