ahhhh don’t be scared


You never know when something is going to happen with your company or how one post can spiral out of control. You should always have a plan for when a crisis occurs. PLAN FOR A CRISIS

Here are some steps Jay Baer thinks will help during a social media crisis.

1. Acknowledge

You should make some kind of post informing your followers on what happened. Do not act like it never happened!!!!

2. Fight the fire with water

Start on the website the crisis happened on and work your way to the others.

3. Be sorry

You have to apologize!! Post a meaningful apologetic post and hope the world forgives you.

4. Create a crisis FAQ

” This Crisis FAQ should include:

  • Acknowledgement of the crisis
  • Details about the occurrence
  • Photos or videos, if available
  • How the company found out
  • Who was alerted, when, and how
  • Specific actions taken in response
  • Real or potential effects
  • Steps taken to prevent future occurrence
  • Contact information for real people at the company “

5. Let them vent

Make a place for the public to vent about what happened. My best suggestion is to use your Facebook page, create a blog or forum.

6. Take it offline

Do not start fights online and let everyone cool off.

7. Tell your staff

Tell your staff what is happening and never leave them in the dark.

8. Make a record of what happened

Print out all your posts and save everything. It is important to document this because it will help in the future.

A social media crisis can happen at any time so be prepared!!


-Bobbi Jo


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