Social Media is Strictly Professional

Do you remember when best friends were considered special because they were who you shared everything with? All the way from your deepest secrets to your political views to what you wore at the bar on Saturday nights, your best friend was the ONLY one you would tell that too because you knew that whatever you told your best friend would not hurt you in the long run. With the invention of social media, people are treating Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms like a “best friend”. However, what people don’t realize is that social media will not keep their business private. In fact, once you put something on social media, it is available for the world to see and now, employers know that too.

According to an article, social media monitoring has become extremely popular for employers when looking for candidates for hiring positions. In fact, a lot of employers won’t hire candidates solely based on what is posted on a person’s social media pages. Ranging from sexually explicit postings to profanity to illegal drug postings, employers have reconsidered hiring candidates. You may think that’s obvious right? Why would a place of professionals hire a candidate who exposes their personal activities, especially illegal drugs? However, that is just the obvious reasons but employers have reconsidered hiring individuals all the way down to simple reasons such as incorrect spelling and grammar on post, political views and voicing your opinion on controversial issues such as police brutality, racism and same-sex marriage.

So then, do employers control social media? Before social media was considered a place for employers to go to connect with potential candidates, it was simply a place for people to have fun and be able to share whatever they wanted to without feeling bad for it. Granted, some things such as illegal drugs and sexually explicit content should be kept private, incorrect spelling and your opinion on controversial issues in America was normal. Now, if you’re looking for a job, your social media page should be mostly professional with only an approved social life.



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