Most Popular Subreddits

It’s no secret that Reddit is one of, if not the most popular social news sites on the web today. In fact, it is often affectionately referred to as the “Front page of the internet.” Reddit is a magical place where  anything and everything that is happening in the world is brought to the forefront to be discussed. However, this vast amount of knowledge comes with a price. Reddit can be a difficult place to navigate through all the subreddits. Reddit keeps a running tab of its top 200 subreddits. I won’t talk about all of them, instead I’m going to discuss only the top five subreddits.

Reddit Logo

5. Askreddit

Askreddit allows users to post questions that typically lead to a discussion. The rules to this subreddit are pretty straight forward. The poster posts a question in the title, but is not allowed to post anything else. The poster must post details in the comments section. This is a good destination for anyone seeking advice on a topic, Reddit only asks that you do not make the situation specific to yourself so other people may benefit form the question.

4. Gaming

The title says it all, this place is for all things gaming. This section is not just dedicated to new games, but old games too. Common topics are video games from people’s childhood’s.

3. Politics

The politics subreddit is a place for civil discussion, a strange concept I know. The restrictions for this section is that the posts be restricted to US politics only, and the articles posted must be less than 45 days old. This subreddit is a little different because all the posts must be articles, videos, or sound clips; instead of the poster creating his/her own content.

2. Funny

This subreddit is dedicated to making people laugh. the most important rule of this subreddit is that the post must be funny. There are many other rules such as no gore and no politics, probably in order to keep things light. Need a good laugh? Head over to this subreddit.

1. Pics

The pics subreddit is a place where people can share the beauty of the world. Many of the pictures posted are of elevated views of a city or odd items found. The rules for this section essentially just ask you to keep it clean if you post something.

By- Chase Burgess


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