I just read it on REDDIT!

Now days, people go to several sources to look at the news. Whether its following news outlets on Twitter or watching a video snippet on YouTube or Instagram, the way to receive news has drastically changed. One way that has not is receiving news through popular social news site Reddit. Reddit is a social media news site that discusses just about everything that is going on in the world. Whether it’s discussing serious issues such as racism and police brutality or irregular yet hilarious topics such as pole dancing using a traffic sign, you can read it on Reddit. It is based on the votes of readers, therefore, if a reader likes an article they up-vote it and vice-versa if a reader dislikes the article. The more up-and down votes an article gets, the more potential it has of being read on the site.  Reddit is broken down into subreddits, which allow readers to read news in the area of their liking. Out of the 46 subreddits, here are my top three:


This subreddit allows for you to stay updated on what is going on in the world. It is important to always stay current because you never know what news could have a personal effect on you and your loved ones. If I ever want to start a conversation with someone, Reddit allows me to stay knowledgeable on topics that everyone is talking about.

Get Motivated 

So, have you ever woke up in a really crappy mood and needed some type of encouragement or a good laugh to get you in the right spirit? The Get Motivated subreddit is the perfect place to go to put a smile on your face. No matter how bad it is, I’m sure that one of those links can cause a smile.


Obviously, music is and will probably forever be a big part of American culture. In the music section of Reddit, one can be updated on new music, old music and current gossip about celebrities working in the music industry. Maybe you didn’t see the latest drama in the Kardashian family or the divorce between Paula Patton and Robin Thicke on Entertainment News, but you can definitely see it on Reddit!



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