I have so many questions!!

I was wondering what the best Question and Answers sites were. I found this article by Herbert Lui sharing his opinon on the top ten Q and A sites. I’m just going to talk about the ones I liked.

1. Quora


This website allows you to post questions, answer them, follow topics and follow people. The best part I liked about this site was that you could search for questions and see similar ones answered.

2. Yahoo! Answers


This is the only one on the list I’ve heard of. I’ve been using this website for years. Anytime I do a Google search this site pops up. This website definitely has all the answers and its similar to Quora. This site is really good for asking questions, getting answers and for finding really funny responses. This is the best Q and A site in my opinion.

3. Answers.com


This website is similar to the two I stated above. This one often comes up on my google searches and has helped me find lots of answers.

I looked at the other sites he listed in his article and I didn’t like any of them. If I have a question these are the three sites I will go to. They are all generally the same thing and could answer my questions. Q and A sites are very helpful with random questions or homework help. I hope these websites stick around for a long time.

-Bobbi Jo


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