Microblogging? How do I do that?


Joel Comm describes 6 different categories of microblog posts.

1.) Classic tweet– explaining what you are doing.

“I’m going to the store.” “I’m watching tv with my cat.”

2.) Opinion tweet– saying what is on your mind.

“I think this weather is dumb.” “I think it should be summer.”

3.) Mission Accomplished tweet– saying what you just did.

“I just shoveled my driveway.” “I just wrote a blog post.”

4.) Entertainment tweet– tweets you think are funny.



5.) Question tweet– Asking someone for help.

“Can anyone dig out my car?” “Can anyone watch my dog?”

6.) Picture tweet– pictures of you or what you are doing.


It is good to mix all these types of tweets for a successful twitter. It is good to switch them up and keep your followers interested. I like to follow twitters that are funny but they never post the same things.

-Bobbi Jo


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