Microblogging: B2B Marketing on Twitter

Marketing a product or service on Twitter for the consumer is a common concept. Business to business marketing, however, is an exciting world many of us hear little about. Tactically, the two are similar. Foxtail Marketing share three significant differences between B2C and B2B marketing on social media. b2b twitterPurchasing motivation. Offering a product or service on social media can be difficult, especially in 140 characters. When creating B2B content it is important to establish leadership in the area of expertise. An organization in search of a specific product or service is looking for practical need as opposed to a gut feeling purchase. By becoming a thought leader and expert, organization’s will recommend your name when asked for a quality suggestion.

Additionally, as with any form of marketing, get to know your audience. If the targeted organization has a personality, offer them a similar personality through your chosen platform. Through this, one can begin to establish a relationship. Which brings me to my next point.

length of marketing period for a B2B market is significantly different from B2C marketing. A organization can instill a “fear of loss” within their consumers by offer a limited time only product or service. However, simply because an offer is made to an organization doesn’t mean the timing for a purchase is right. Organizations with strong B2B relationships have taken time and consistent engagement. This process requires patience and a true understanding of the targeted audience.

Win-Win Negotiations

Author and small business expert Frank Sonnenburg emphasizes the importance of true relationships in a business model. One specific aspect of successful business relationships Frank discusses is transparent and honest communication. One way to do this is by using Twitter and other social media platforms to speak to your audience.

Delivery methods. B2B marketing must be direct. Traditional media will not speak to your audience. That’s where Twitter comes in. Utilize the platform and tailor message to be exactly what the organizations need. The need is already out there, you simply must fulfill it. Know your competitors and listen to what they are saying about you.

So, in conclusion, build relationships, be a good listener and provide a practical benefit(s) for an organization through Twitter.

Check out these successful B2B marketing Twitter accounts.



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