Can I track my posts?


Social media tracking is finding and following content on the web. Trying to find a keyword all over the web is really difficult. I found an article by Ruxandra Mindruta and she listed free social media monitoring tools. These websites do all of the tracking for you.



Hootsuite sends you weekly analytics reports and is helpful if more than one person runs the account. It is great for tracking lots of different social media accounts.



This is good to see how far your tweet traveled. You can see the output your tweet had and who it really reached.

Social Mention


This site manages over 100 social media sites. Mindruta says, “It is probably one of the best free listening tools on the market, as it analyses data in more depth and measures influence with 4 categories: Strength, Sentiment, Passion and Reach.”



This site is great for measuring your social media presence and looking at your competitors.

There is lots of different sites out there but they all do generally the same thing. It is important to find which site will work for you and you can always use more than one. It is important to track what is happening on the web. You want to find out if your posts made a difference or check in on what your competitor is doing. These websites are really helpful to checkup on your social media accounts. DO NOT FORGET TO TRACK YOUR POSTS!


-Bobbi Jo


Social Media is Strictly Professional

Do you remember when best friends were considered special because they were who you shared everything with? All the way from your deepest secrets to your political views to what you wore at the bar on Saturday nights, your best friend was the ONLY one you would tell that too because you knew that whatever you told your best friend would not hurt you in the long run. With the invention of social media, people are treating Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms like a “best friend”. However, what people don’t realize is that social media will not keep their business private. In fact, once you put something on social media, it is available for the world to see and now, employers know that too.

According to an article, social media monitoring has become extremely popular for employers when looking for candidates for hiring positions. In fact, a lot of employers won’t hire candidates solely based on what is posted on a person’s social media pages. Ranging from sexually explicit postings to profanity to illegal drug postings, employers have reconsidered hiring candidates. You may think that’s obvious right? Why would a place of professionals hire a candidate who exposes their personal activities, especially illegal drugs? However, that is just the obvious reasons but employers have reconsidered hiring individuals all the way down to simple reasons such as incorrect spelling and grammar on post, political views and voicing your opinion on controversial issues such as police brutality, racism and same-sex marriage.

So then, do employers control social media? Before social media was considered a place for employers to go to connect with potential candidates, it was simply a place for people to have fun and be able to share whatever they wanted to without feeling bad for it. Granted, some things such as illegal drugs and sexually explicit content should be kept private, incorrect spelling and your opinion on controversial issues in America was normal. Now, if you’re looking for a job, your social media page should be mostly professional with only an approved social life.


What Not To Say On Social Media

Do you remember when you were younger and your parents kept telling you to think before you open your mouth? Well that seems to be a lesson that many people forgot, especially when it comes to social media. Luckily for student-athletes at the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville, their respective schools have hired a company to watch what they say for them.

Kentucky vs Louisville

Louisville is using software provided by a company called UDilligence, while Kentucky is using Centrix Social. Both services cost the colleges about $6,000 per year. These two schools are not the only schools to use these programs, many schools in the SEC and the Big 12 also use these services.

The programs work when the student-athletes download them onto their phone. When a student-athlete posts certain words on their social media platforms, the app searches for certain words used. If one of these words appears, a message is sent to the respective coaches. These words are divided into three categories: alcohol, drug and sex. Some of these words include cocaine, rape, breasts, stoner, and cristal. The complete list can be seen at the link provided. The list is very extensive.

Although these systems work, it may not be legal. Bradley Shear, a lawyer in Washington D. C. and digital media expert, claims that the practice of using these services is unconstitutional. He argues that forcing students to enroll in these programs is a direct violation of the first amendment. It will be interesting to see how things like this play out in the future.


They’re listening…….


Have you ever tweeted something totally random like “I can’t sleep” and then some totally random mattress business tweets back at you and tells you to come buy a new bed or something? And you’re thinking, “Who are you, how’d you find me, why are you speaking to me?” Or have you ever tweeted about donuts and all of a sudden you get followed by all these random donut shops? If you’re like me, these awkward social media encounters leave you suspicious, wondering HOW IN THE WORLD they even SAW my tweet about the donuts when they WEREN’T EVEN FOLLOWING ME. Well, I’ve figured it out. They’re monitoring us, people. Social media monitoring tools are kind of a big deal. There are sites that allow you to receive notifications anytime public social media users use a keyword, such as “donut”… Tamar Weinberg has identified six social media monitoring sites that are quite useful to businesses and individuals regarding their social media endeavors. Here’s a run-down of a few of my favorites: Social Mention Social mention is a social media monitoring site that operates like a search engine. You simply visit the website, enter your brand’s name (or whatever you’d like to search), and the site will give you a comprehensive overview of social media mentions pertaining to your brand.




Did you know HootSuite can be set up to send you notifications if a specific keyword is used on social media? Me neither! By typing in specific keywords or phrases that you’d like to monitor, HootSuite sets up a newsfeed of sorts that includes keyword mentions on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Other social media platforms are available through the premium version of HootSuite. PinAlerts I love Pinterest and believe that it can be a valuable tool in regards to driving traffic to a website. PinAlerts is a system that monitors pins that are linked to your website. Anytime someone shares and pin that is liked to your site, you’ll receive a notification. This opens the door for you to engage in conversation with individuals and build real relationships.


For more information about these sites and others, click on the above link to Weinberg’s article. Chelsey

I just read it on REDDIT!

Now days, people go to several sources to look at the news. Whether its following news outlets on Twitter or watching a video snippet on YouTube or Instagram, the way to receive news has drastically changed. One way that has not is receiving news through popular social news site Reddit. Reddit is a social media news site that discusses just about everything that is going on in the world. Whether it’s discussing serious issues such as racism and police brutality or irregular yet hilarious topics such as pole dancing using a traffic sign, you can read it on Reddit. It is based on the votes of readers, therefore, if a reader likes an article they up-vote it and vice-versa if a reader dislikes the article. The more up-and down votes an article gets, the more potential it has of being read on the site.  Reddit is broken down into subreddits, which allow readers to read news in the area of their liking. Out of the 46 subreddits, here are my top three:


This subreddit allows for you to stay updated on what is going on in the world. It is important to always stay current because you never know what news could have a personal effect on you and your loved ones. If I ever want to start a conversation with someone, Reddit allows me to stay knowledgeable on topics that everyone is talking about.

Get Motivated 

So, have you ever woke up in a really crappy mood and needed some type of encouragement or a good laugh to get you in the right spirit? The Get Motivated subreddit is the perfect place to go to put a smile on your face. No matter how bad it is, I’m sure that one of those links can cause a smile.


Obviously, music is and will probably forever be a big part of American culture. In the music section of Reddit, one can be updated on new music, old music and current gossip about celebrities working in the music industry. Maybe you didn’t see the latest drama in the Kardashian family or the divorce between Paula Patton and Robin Thicke on Entertainment News, but you can definitely see it on Reddit!


I have so many questions!!

I was wondering what the best Question and Answers sites were. I found this article by Herbert Lui sharing his opinon on the top ten Q and A sites. I’m just going to talk about the ones I liked.

1. Quora


This website allows you to post questions, answer them, follow topics and follow people. The best part I liked about this site was that you could search for questions and see similar ones answered.

2. Yahoo! Answers


This is the only one on the list I’ve heard of. I’ve been using this website for years. Anytime I do a Google search this site pops up. This website definitely has all the answers and its similar to Quora. This site is really good for asking questions, getting answers and for finding really funny responses. This is the best Q and A site in my opinion.


This website is similar to the two I stated above. This one often comes up on my google searches and has helped me find lots of answers.

I looked at the other sites he listed in his article and I didn’t like any of them. If I have a question these are the three sites I will go to. They are all generally the same thing and could answer my questions. Q and A sites are very helpful with random questions or homework help. I hope these websites stick around for a long time.

-Bobbi Jo

I Stumble, You Stumble, He-She-We Stumble

So I recently stumbled upon StumbleUpon. (…I’m not even ashamed of that pun.)

I had definitely heard of the popular social news site, but I hadn’t ever actually looked into the hype. Now, I’m a bit obsessed. But apart from its obvious appeal to individual users, I wasn’t sure whether StumbleUpon was a worthwhile resource that businesses should look into.

So I did some research. And I’ve come to the conclusion that if your business isn’t currently using StumbleUpon as a marketing tool, it should. It’s actually a great resource for driving traffic to your website.

Shanna Mallon gives 4 Quick Tips about how to effectively use StumbleUpon to increase website traffic.

Use it Regularly

Make an account (an individual account – StumbleUpon isn’t a fan of business accounts) and use it consistently. Set aside time to research and submit content.

Add “Stumble” buttons to your website

You know those “Pin It” buttons and the Facebook “share” buttons? StumbleUpon has that too! Download it onto your website to make it easy for visitors to post your business’s content to their own accounts.

Build Community

Follow the users who follow you and follow users with similar interests. Build a community that supports you and the promotion of your business’s content.

Share Content

Obviously, share your business’s content, but share related content as well. This will also allow you to build your community.

In sum, StumbleUpon can be a valuable resource to a business if used correctly and the four tips above certainly provide a starting point for businesses to do so.