what’s so cool about Snapchat and Instagram?


Why are Snapchat and Instagram so huge? I have both and so do most of my friends. How did everyone hear about them? It is very common to only post pictures on one of these platforms over Facebook.

A lot of celebrities are on Instagram and now they are getting public Snapchats. You can add celebs on Snapchat and view their public stories. This is becoming a really big thing. Instagram is a great way for celebrities to share pictures and videos with their fans. but why is snapchat taking over? Do they like that their stories go away after 24 hours? I found this article on Forbes talking about people getting famous from Snapchat.

Ellen Huet says, “Snapchat’s much more than a disappearing photo messaging app. It became a mobile video platform.” It is a way for celebrities to mix pictures and videos. They can basically share their entire day.


People famous on Youtube and Vine are taking over Snapchat. They are getting a huge amount of followers on Snapchat. Snapchat stories might one day replace a daily vlog. Stars are advertising in their stories. They are getting paid to promote a product. Advertisers know this will reach all of their fans. People are getting paid lots of money to promote on Snapchat and Instagram. This is the future of advertising.

Bobbi Jo


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