Snapchat Goes Viral

Did you know that Snapchat first launched back in 2011? It was not really popular back then and not too many people were using the app. But, who would have thought that the social media tool that launched over three years ago would gain over 30 million active users? Pretty sweet huh? Well, it wasn’t long before business would use the social media platform as a 10 second marketing tool. According to Forbes Contributor Jayson Demers, gives four tips on how to understand Snapchat as a marketing tool.

  1. Learn the environment of Snapchat – Snapchat encourages its users to have informal conversations through photos and videos not to exceed 10 seconds. Snapchat users are typically relaxed and really unprofessional. Understand this so that your business can create marketing strategies that adapt to the casual, informal environment of Snapchat.
  2. You get 10 seconds….USE IT WISELY – Snapchat allows for its users to share videos and photos with others that does not exceed 10 seconds. As a marketing professional, it is important to strategically understand this. According to Jayson, one way marketing professionals can use that limit is to promote an upcoming event or product launch by giving the audience teasers.
  3. Videos, Videos, Videos – Snapchat enables its users to communicate through videos. This is good for you because it allows your marketing team to verbally communicate your business’s messages more directly and more clearly.
  4. Show some personality–  What makes Snapchat so comfortable to use is that it is not so formal or conservative. Snapchat ENCOURAGES everyone to be relaxed. It creates a more friendly, personal relationship between the sender and the receiver. As a business, it is important to have the same persona. Loosen up and show some personality in your messages. Show your audience behind the scenes footage. People want to feel included. They want to feel like they are part of the business as more than just a customer. Make them feel included.

-Ashli Harris


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