Image Marketing via Snapchat

When a marketer thinks of photo sharing, the first platform to come to mind may not be Snapchat. Instead, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Of course, these platforms are at the forefront of the brain for good reason.

According to a study done in January 2015, more than 75 million people use Instagram, 890 million people use Facebook and nearly 100 million people use Twitter, daily. Can you believe that? What an incredible tool markers have.

But, what about Snapchat?

Oh, but it is already happening Regina. Since launching in September 2011, there are nearly 400 million Snapchats sent every day. This tool is a marketing strategy that should not be ignored.

So, how can you take part in using Snapchat as a social media marketing tool?

Know your public. Like all strategic communications plans, it is important to begin with researching your public. Snapchat is commonly used for sharing pictures or videos of daily activities with friends. The majority of the time, people are not approaching the photos in a professional manner. Keep that in mind when developing content. Be relevant to your audience.

Know the limits. And use them to your advantage. The maximum amount of time an image or video can appear is 10 seconds. This is an opportunity for teasers. Keep your audience coming back for more; be creative and think outside of your comfort zone. Snapchat is the perfect location for engagement. Allow members of your intended audience to add you on Snapchat. Give the opportunity for potential consumers to create a relationship with the organization.

Live your story. We live in a world full of visual consumers. When a member of your audience can see what your story is, they are more likely to invest. What is a “story” you ask? Seth Gobin explains in his book “All Marketers are Liars” that a story is an idea or experience a consumer expects when he or she purchase a product or service. “Stories make the world easier to understand.” Gobin encourages marketers to live the organization’s story; make it authentic. Snapchat is one place marketers can do this. By putting a face or an image to a product or service an organization then has the beginnings of a personality. This generates interest and conversation; the next best thing to a purchase.

Be clear in your strategy; consistency is key. Just as with any other social media platform, your posts are forever, even in under 10 seconds.

Brooke Todd


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