Ebooks for 200, Alex

Marketing experts have continued to have conversations on which is better, ebook or white paper. Though there are benefits in both, ebooks are better than white pages. There are five reasons why you should choose ebooks over white pages:

1) Cost effective – Technology has made it possible to produce material and share it with the world for little to no price at all. With ebooks, you don’t have to pay for a publisher as you would if you used white pages. After all, you also save trees.

2)  Distribution is easier – Ebooks are more likely to be shared with friends due to all of the interactive elements that can be added. Graphics and a call to action makes it easier to get around to different audiences. You can also track who buys your ebook.

3) Less difficult to read – The digital formatting of ebooks makes it more easier to read. White papers vertical formatting can be more difficult on the eyes, forcing your audience to either print white papers out or not read it all.

4) Key points pop – With ebooks, you make your key points stand out by using bold text treatments. Your audience can get the information that they need faster, clearer and avoid the extra clutter.

5) Engaging and interactive – With ebooks, your audience can interact with you. Ebooks allow you to set up a link for the audience to follow your blog or connect with you on social media platforms or etc. With ebooks, your audience can do more than just read content. You can incorporate a call to action in ebooks.

Ashli Harris


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