Rules of Engagement For Business

Far too often, businesses create an account on various social media sites but do not properly utilize them. One of the most important objectives for a business using social media is to receive feedback from it’s consumers. According to an article from Varn Media, one in four people globally use some form of social media. One in four people is far too large of an audience to not be properly reached. Varn Media has outlined five policies to abide by when approaching social media and reaching out to consumers.

1. Be Friendly: Consumers like having personal attention from a company. Having one-on-one conversations with consumers will allow the consumer to trust the company and they are likely to spread positive word of mouth. It’s also important to tell the person you are having a conversation with who you are. If you are an administrator let that be known in your messages, this way whoever is on the other side of the conversation can feel a connection with the person they are interacting with.

2. Manners Make the Company: Always be professional when handling a complaint. No matter how rude a customer may be in their complaints, always respond courteously and timely.

3. Careful of what you Say: Be mindful of what you say and make public. There’s nothing wrong with being edgy, but using offensive language and graphic images could anger many people. Offending a person or a group of people is a quick way to find yourself on the wrong end of public backlash.

4. Double Check: People love pointing out mistakes. This makes it even more important to make sure you’re using proper grammar and punctuation in your posts.

5. Exclusivity for your Followers: People who take the time to follow you or view your posts on social media expect extra content not seen by the everyday person. Giving your followers updates not released to the mainstream media, or providing information ahead of it being released to the general public can make people pay more attention to your social media accounts.

By Chase Burgess


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