How To Rule the Internet


You can’t just post random things and hope people are interested. Social media is all about strategy. You need to know how websites run and how to be successful. This article talks about 20 social media tips. I am going to discuss my top 5.

Pick the right platform

Figure out your target audience and pick which site will attract them. There are hundreds of social media websites. Pick the ones that will benefit you the most.

Use images

(Rockstar UK)

People are attracted to look at colorful pictures or short videos. Vine is really popular for this reason.

Not your personal site

You can have a large following on your personal accounts but don’t treat your business ones the same. Personal sites and business sites are not the same thing.

Don’t help the trolls

When you get successful on social media you will have trolls. Know how to handle them professionally. It is okay to delete their comments and professionally respond.

Have your post shared

Make it super easy to share a post. Your following will grow because more people will share your posts. Post a link because people like to just click and share. You can link it to your website or another social media platform. People just like to click and share. Make it easy for them.

By: Bobbi Jo


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