5 Mistakes Businesses Make in Social Media Engagement

All too often, businesses create social media pages and don’t have the slightest clue how to use them. The point of social media marketing is that businesses have the opportunity to have two-way communication with consumers. Understanding social media etiquette is crucial to driving business to your company. Experts in social media marketing have found five common mistakes businesses make when using social media:

1) Being the same on all social media platforms – Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn…you name it! Yes, social media is booming and yes, your business should be on several social media platforms. Not all social media platforms are the same, which means not all of your consumers are the same. Creating the same content across all of your social media pages is a sure way to lose followers. Though you want to send the same message across on all your social media pages , it is perfectly legal to modify your content in such a way that fits your audience on that particularly platform.

2) Refusing to be social – No one likes spam and for businesses it’s very easy to come across spam. Sure, you want to advertise your business or promote an upcoming event or product, but do you want to appear as the business whose social media page that bombards consumers with advertisements? What does anyone do when they see spam? They delete it! So why would you want your business to come across as spam? In the case of social media, you will get unfollowed! When using social media, understand the benefit of it being two-way communication. Appear friendly, positive and engaging. Make your posts personal. Your consumers want to feel like you’re their friend. So be their friend and cater to their needs.

3) Refusing to understand your audience – Social media platforms are different! The tactics that you use on one social media site, may be less effective on another site. For example, Instagram is all about photographs while Twitter is all about 140 characters of your thoughts. You wouldn’t make your Instagram post 140 characters and your Twitter all about photographs? Your audience has different likes and dislikes, but they all have your business in common. It is important to cater to all of their social media likes appropriately. Social media platforms allows you reach your various target audiences. Understanding which audience to reach is the key to success.

4) Using your social media page as “bait” – Do not treat your consumers as if they are bait. “If you are one of the first 100 people to like this page, you’ll receive blah blah blah”. You will quickly be considered spam and no one likes spam. Remember, your consumers should feel like they have a friend in you. Treating them like bait, destroys that. Some businesses have attempted to use the “bait” tactic as a way to boost their followers. However, they have little success because their social media page just becomes a page full of useless likes or followers. Your business has a target audience and you want to have a friendly, conversation with that audience. Even if the number of people who follow your page is low but you are receiving positive feedback, that is okay. Remember, quality is always better than quantity.

5) Refusing to measure ROI – Social media is simply a marketing tool. Imagine spending hours on social media, engaging with your consumers and your company isn’t bringing in any profit? What’s the point right? When consumers follow your social media pages, you either have something that they like, you have something that they need or they just like your business. Take advantage of that. Post content that is interesting to consumers and continue to be friendly with consumers. Though social media is difficult to measure, good social media engagement will bring you some sort of profit or business.

Ashli Harris


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