Let’s blog!

Is blogging important for all businesses? Do small companies need to blog? Will it improve your business? These are all important questions to think about.


(Karen Brand Roy)

This article describes four ways blogging can improve your business.

1.) Drive Traffic

You want to have a quality blog that will attract new customers. Share your content on various social platforms. Take advantage of hashtags and keywords. Post blogs that will stand out and hopefully they will get shared.

2.) Increase your SEO

You want to come up first on search engines. Use keywords and make your blog stand out. Make sure you words, topics and categories are easy to find. Keep them basic and look up whats popular.

3.) Become a thought leader

Have thoughtful articles and become a trusted brand. Research your content and make sure all your facts are credible.

4.) Improve customer relationships

Make a section for just informational blogs. This will look less self-promoting and customers will gain knowledge. Most customers are still in the research phase when they visit your site. They want to learn facts before they buy a product.

Blogging is so important

If you don’t blog your company is really  missing out. You will be missing out on a huge new audience and a chance for new customers. Just make sure you blog has quality information!!!!

By: Bobbi Jo


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