How NOT To Blog

Blogging is cool. So cool, in fact, that blogs have become a staple in the online world of many businesses. Blogs are an excellent tool to reach an audience. However, if they aren’t utilized correctly, they can quickly become ineffective.

Business professionals and entrepreneuers have laid out six common blogging mistakes made by businesses. Here’s how NOT to blog:

1. Using your blog as a promotional platform

Blogging is not a form of free advertising, so businesses shouldn’t treat it like that. Instead of filling a blog with the latest on a business’s oh-so-amazing products and services, it should offer content that is useful and interesting to the reader.

2. Posting inconsistently 

If I were a business, I would definitely be guilty of this one. Blogs may seems like a great idea (because they are), but keeping them updated takes work. Blog posts should be consistent. Resources and a steady level of commitment need to be dedicated to the upkeep of a blog or it will quickly become ineffective.

3. Not engaging with your readers  

The blogosphere is a unique environment in which two-way communication should occur. When readers comment on your blog, respond. If they ask a question, answer it. Pretty straightforward.

4. Being too SEO-focused 

Search engine optimization is a beautiful thing. Keywords and phrases are cool, but don’t fill up a post with content that is solely based on driving people to your blog. Provide quality content that readers will find interesting. “The most successful business blogs write for humans, not machines.”

5. Not using images the right way 

Bloggers often dedicate a significant amount of time to writing a blog post, but very little time to finding pictures to compliment the post. It’s important to use images that in some way reflect the content of the blog. It’s also SUPER important to not break the law. If you use a visual in your blog, give credit where credit is due. Just because you found it on the internet, that doesn’t make it yours!

6. Not listening to your readers 

ANALYTICS ROCK! Most, if not all, blog sites have tools that will tell you exactly what your audience wants. If a specific post gets significantly more traffic than the rest, it might be a good idea to write similar posts. Analytics will tell you which posts are successful and which ones aren’t. Pay attention to the analytics, people.




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