Blogging: Carrie Bradshaw style

Who doesn’t love a little Sex and the City? When it comes to blogging, Carrie Bradshaw was way ahead of her time.

Throughout Sex and the City, we see Ms. Bradshaw share her life virtually. Our text explains the importance of creating a content strategy and the marketing value in creating content that generates interest in your brand and/or product. Though Carrie encouraged sales of her book, her brand began as New York’s “it” girl in her newspaper column. Her content, full of personal stories and fashion advice, became her brand. The book suggests being as specific and as “niche” as possible. Carrie did just that.

Bloggers today can take away many lessons from Ms. Big. Write about a specific topic and for a niche group, while staying away from as many details as possible. Consumers are looking for very specific content; a problem as well as a solution to that problem. Carrie was able to generate a huge following by writing about every day romance, fashion and life in the city. Each “post” offered a common issue women face every day. Heart break, an argument between girl friends or simply the choice between Gucci or Channel. By the end of the “post”, Carrie offered a solution to the problem. Often times a metaphor about cloths, a solution, none the less.

Carrie’s writing followed several points shared by the blog. Thus, explaining her fictional success.

1. Use Catchy Titles. “Are men in their twenties the new designer drug?” There was not a single episode that did not a include Carrie’s wit and humorous analogies. This tactic keeps readers engaged and challenged. The title of a blog can immediately evoke interest for readers.

2. Update Frequently. Carrie had an exciting life. Young, rich, famous. Maybe we don’t all live such a life. Be prepared before starting a blog. Make sure you have the content and plenty of it; enough to post at least once a week.

3. Keep Posts Focused. No one enjoys listening to or reading the words of a rambler. Keeping posts easy to read will keep people coming back for more.

4. Invite Comments. Offer the option for followers to share their feedback on your posts. This provides an opportunity for constructive criticism or to build relationships with readers. Carrie wrote about personal aspects of her life. She invited readers to get in contact with her to share their similar stories.

5. Promote the Blog and Engage with Others. Creating an online presence takes patience and time. Utilize existing relationships. Quantity over quality when it comes to  followers.

6. Avoid Negativity. Carrie never talked poorly about  friends , family or competition. Being encouraging and positive engages with a wide variety of followers.

7. Stand By the Content. Carrie and her girlfriend’s made a lot of … brave decisions. They never go back on their choices. Confidence is key in your posts.

8. Cross Promote. On a personal site be sure to include your other social media sites and share each post on those sites. This tactic creates a greater opportunity to gain followers.

Carrie Bradshaw is the queen of main stream forms of publishing. Though, her strategy to be honest, specific to her target market is proven to be beneficial for present day bloggers. .



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