The Bible says, Thou Shalt Blog?

Blogging is an essential digital marketing tool that should be used just as much as any other social media platform. Blogging not only allows a company to engage with consumers, but it allows for companies to be down-to-earth when engaging with consumers.

Just like anything else, there are rules for success. I found an article that outlined the 10 commandments on blogging. Though I agree with most of them, there are some that I added myself.

  1. Thou shalt use catchy titles – Who wants to read a boring blog? Well, with a boring, mediocre title you will probably fit into the boring blog category even if your content is interesting to the readers. Remember, titles are the FIRST part of your blog post that someone reads. If your title is boring, chances are people are thinking the content probably is too. Avoid this by creating useful titles that your readers can benefit from.
  2. Thou shalt look attractive – Don’t be boring! Branding is essential to your company. When creating blogs, incorporate your branding image in there. Colors and phrases is a good way for your blog to not only look attractive, but gives you the opportunity to promote your brand.
  3. Thou shalt avoid content clutter – There are millions of blogs out there. Not to mention, there are millions of blogs that discuss the same content as your blog. The last thing you want for your company is for your blog to “blend in”. Try to avoid content clutter at all cost. You can do this by publishing interesting and relevant content. The more interesting, creative and relevant your blog’s content is, the higher the possibility of it standing out.
  4. Thou shalt publish and update frequently – Have you ever stopped using something because it no longer excited you? For example, when you were a kid you probably watched cartoons because they were so interesting but the older you got, cartoons probably began to bore you. Blogs are no different. Update your blog at least twice a week. Blogs that do not have constant updates quickly lose readers. Remember, your blog feeds people’s needs and wants. If you do not constantly feed your audience, they will go elsewhere.
  5. Thou shalt praise SEO – Google is the top search engine where people go to find information. Be sure to use frequent keywords that will drive people to your blog. You want your blog to be at the top of the list. People tend to only look on the first page for information. Being at the top puts you at an all time high advantage. If you do not know what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is, you are behind. Learn it. Like it. Love it!
  6. Thou shalt engage invite comments – One of the best ways to learn how your consumers think, is to just simply ask them! Try to end your blog post with a question. For example, do you agree with this article? What are your thoughts on xyz? Not only do you gain insight from consumers, but you also give off a friendly, inviting tone which could potentially bring new consumers. Everyone likes friendliness right?
  7. Thou shalt track everything – Google Analytics is a new tool that everyone should take advantage of. It allows you to track everything…no literally! Google Analytics allows you to see how long someone stays on your page, where they go while on your page, which of your posts attract the most attention and so much more. You want to know who these strangers are reading your blogs, what they like and why they like it right? Google Analytics is a way to do so without directly asking your audience. How resourceful is that right?
  8. Thou shalt cross promote blog – All of your audience’s use social media differently. Some are on Facebook and not on Twitter. Some are only on LinkedIn. Some may be on all major social media sites but use certain ones frequently. It is important to cross promote your blog on all social media platforms so that you may reach ALL of your audiences. You can do this by creating posts that includes the link to your blog post for that day.
  9. Thou shalt have a strategy – Just because your company gets a blog, doesn’t mean you just write something. What’s the point in that? Have a strategy when writing content on your blog. You want your blog post should have some sort of action. You want your blog post to ALWAYS engage with the audience by understanding subjects that they are interested in. Maybe you want more consumer awareness for your business. Maybe you want to promote a new product. There is a way to do those things without being too direct. It’s called content strategy.
  10. Thou shalt know that your blog is a MARKETING TOOL – Blogging is simply a marketing TOOL. It is not the only tactic that you use to engage with your audience. Understand how to use your blog that will gain some type of consumer engagement or action. After all, isn’t that the whole purpose of social media as a business tool?

Ashli Harris


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