The Eight C’s of Strategy Development

The eight C’s of strategy development should work as an outline for marketers. Customize the strategy to fit with the companies own strengths and weaknesses. Develop a plan that connects the goals and strategies together. The eight C’s will be the first step in the overall plan.

1.Categorize: Rank social media platforms based on who reaches the companies target audience more. Focus on the websites that fit the companies target audience and the ones they view the most.

2.Comprehend: Observe how each social media site works. It is important to follow the trends of the website. Observe how others behave on the website and start conversations like they do. Behaving the right way on a website will gain the company respect and people want to work with a respectful company.

3.Converse: Create content for the website and not just promote a company. Post content that consumers will learn from and understand the companies interest in the content. That will get a consumers trust with the companies knowledge and they will keep viewing content.

4.Collaborate: Collaborate with members on the website and build connections. Connections help the company and get the member more attention. This is a great way to build up the companies audience.

5.Contribute: Share content on the website frequently and become a respected member. Share the companies knowledge and get the reputation of being an expert.

6.Connect: Connecting with big names on the website can get the company free promotion. Have great customer service so they have a reason to praise and promote the company.

7.Community: Poll the website and see what they want from the company. Give the community options and see which one they like better. Involving the consumers will get you free promotion for the product.

8.Convert: Have desired outcomes for the company and convert them for each individual website. Know which websites use hashtags and when they use key words. Becoming one of the top search results is great for companies. Know how to use every website and customize each post.

By: Bobbi Jo Meskill

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