The Art of Being Social


Social media has undoubtedly become a significant part of our ability to connect with others. Specifically, the marketing world has experienced a substantial rise in the popularity of using social media as a marketing technique. Traditional marketing techniques are beginning to take a backseat to marketing that is centered entirely on social media. Although social media has increased in popularity over the years, it is often misused by businesses that don’t entirely understand the purpose of social media as a marketing tool.

The art of social media lies in its ability to create communities. Two-way communication is a unique characteristic that social media has brought to the marketing world. Too often, however, this communication is underutilized by businesses that don’t understand its importance. I’m a firm believer that relationship building is one of the most important skills to have, as a business and as an individual.

Winning the hearts of an online community is no easy task. However, these following tips, designed by leaders in marketing, brand building, and public relations, will help you do just that.

Learn what drives each community.

Your social media strategies should be tailored to each specific social media outlet and the online communities that use them. For example, the way a business utilizes Facebook should differ from the way it utilizes Twitter. Additionally, it should take note of the different audiences using each outlet.

Find and engage your brand advocates within each community.

This is where the “building relationships” part comes in. It is within a business’s best interest to find individuals in these online communities who are already talking about your brand and to start building relationships with them.

Align your paid and social activities within each community.

Paid promoted posts exist on nearly every social media platform. While these are valuable resources to businesses, they shouldn’t become the main focus of a social media marketing campaign. Additionally, these promoted posts should coincide with the social nature of a business’s online community.

An online community of individuals who are passionate about your brand can be invaluable to the brand’s success. With this in mind, it is crucial to know how to interact and build relationships with online communities.

Chelsey Webber


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