Effective Social Media Strategies

Social media is easy to use, but difficult to use correctly. Although many businesses have social media sites that they use to promote their product or service, only a small percentage have figured out how to use social media to effectively earn the trust and business of people using those social media sites. Luckily, for those who need help creating a good public relations campaign using social media, Forbes contributor Robert Wynne has outlined six strategies (or rules as he calls them) to use in a social media public relations campaign.

Rule 1: Be brief, don’t be boring: Boring posts on social media do not gain much attention. Simply copying and pasting a press release is never a good thing for social media. Instead of copying and pasting or only attaching a link, summarize the press release in less than 110 character for Twitter, saving space for a link. Putting pictures on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest combined with a video on Vine or Twitter can create a well-rounded announcement that hits multiple sites and target markets.

Rule 2: Be Newsworthy: Stay on top of a subject. Considering how fast information is spread through social media, being even an hour late can be the difference in thousands or hundreds-of-thousands of views on social media sites.

Rule 3: Be Helpful: It’s much easier to get your story covered if you help out the media as opposed to only contacting them when you have something to say. Ayelet Noff, the CEO of a digital marketing company Blonde 2.0 actively seeks out reporters who are having trouble with flights and helps them find ways to receive compensation for their missed flights. In turn, the reporters are more likely to cover Blonde 2.0’s stories.

Rule 4: Avoid Facebook: Professional posts should not be in the same timeline as pictures of cute animals or pictures of parties. Instead, either avoid Facebook altogether or use private groups to disseminate information to certain people who you want to keep informed about something.

Rule 5: Be Live: As mentioned earlier, it is important to stay current in social media. In the event that there is a crisis in your company, social media sites are a great way to respond to the public, however it should not be the only way.

Rule 6: Be Video Proficient: Videos are a great way to connect with your audience. Videos can portray a part of your company or your message that cannot be revealed in 140 characters or a simple picture. The most important part of making videos is that you make them with the viewer in mind.

By: Chase Burgess


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